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visfmradio > Necropolis Immortal > Chapter 991: Making the World of Immortals Whole
The heavenly court enveloped Witherdew Major the second it was established. Previously devastated by the chaos lightning tribulation, the Witherdew court stirred to life and began to rebuild. As reconstruction efforts commenced, Lu Yun raised the Xue Clan—former peak faction of Witherdew Major—as the royal clan of the major.

Patriarch Xue Chujiu of the Xue Clan was the new lord of Witherdew major. This was the youth who’d weathered his immortal tribulation in the East Sea and swore fealty to Lu Yun after becoming a void ascended immortal. That brought the Xue Clan under Lu Yun’s banner as well and made them one of the largest factions in Dusk Province.

Their immortals had mostly all died in that chaos tribulation, and what few remained fell to numerous ambushes from other experts in the world. But after a few decades of support from Lu Yun and nurturing by a thriving immortal dao, the Xue Clan fully recovered and added a dozen dao immortal to its ranks.

Xue Chujiu was now a Supreme Immortal of Original Order, though he and his clan weren’t part of the Dao Academy. Lu Yun’s plans for them all along were to have them take over Witherdew Major and put that major firmly in his court.

Xue Chujiu fully lived up to his benefactor’s expectations and led the Xue Clan to new heights, thoroughly surpassing their previous iteration. When the clan’s heritage was lost in the disaster that’d struck their home and their immortals all met their end, it’d been Lu Yun who took them in, bequeathing them cultivation methods and immortal crystals so they could train and grow in peace.

Apart from the Lus and Qings of Dusk Province, the Xues of the Witherdew Major were the most loyal to Lu Yun. In fact, their loyalty exceeded those two clans’ in some regard.


The moment Xue Chujiu took control of Witherdew Major and ascended to his throne, an enormous ripple traveled between heaven and earth. The rulers of the nine majors, ten lands, and four immortal seas lifted their heads at the same time to look into the high reaches of the sky.

Evolved from the previous Central World, the heavenly palace was the new heart of the world of immortals. Rays of milky-white brilliance streamed out from it to meld into the twenty-three facets, thus dissolving the last hint of a burial layout over the world.

Upon this happening, the nine majors, ten lands, four immortal seas, and previous Central World truly came into their own and interlocked as the twenty-four facets of the world, completely demolishing the world’s burial layout and freeing the world’s inhabitants from a state of being burial goods.

Although the regular denizens of the world had no idea what’d taken place, the various facet monarchs immediately understood what had just occurred.

“The establishment of the world of immortals was the hope of our kind, but our enemies also used it to construct a tomb to bury us all.” The rulers of the ten divine nations in the ten lands cast co

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