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Chapter 10: Imperial Warship

He was ashamed of his capriciousness.

Realizing this, Qiao Zhiya was shocked. He hurriedly got close to Chu Rong to carefully confirm and feel it. His eyebrows wrinkled. It was actually emitted from the White-Haired Monster’s body. Could it be that the White-Haired Monster was infected by the crimson ore?

“Don’t walk around, follow me closely.”

Chu Rong saw him leaning over, shoved him behind his back to protect him, and then waved his flashlight around.

All the furniture was crooked and broken—they seemed to fall in the middle of the room.

The influence of the mutant red tin ore gradually disappeared, the headache eased, Chu Rong felt much better, and began to consciously gather the scattered spiritual power.

After stabilizing his spiritual strength, he looked up at the hole above his head that was opened by Qiao Zhiya and walked to the wall. He touched the metal wall thoughtfully—all the radiation isolation layer was installed. In other words, this building was built when the red tin mine had already existed. Moreover, looking at the wall structure and furnishings in the room, this building should cost a lot.

—A high-priced building that appeared on an unmanned remote mineral star and was deliberately built in the middle of the red tin mine in the radiation-stricken area?

Something was wrong.

He frowned and walked around the room again, trying to find some clues about the building.


Qiao Zhiya, his little tail, followed behind him, probing with magic, and was very puzzled. It’s strange. Why did the uncomfortable feeling suddenly disappear again? Did he feel wrong, in fact, the manic uncomfortable feeling was the aftermath left by the red ore?

After thinking about it, he seemed to have stepped on something hard. He lowered his head and moved his feet. With his excellent night vision, he immediately recognized that what was lying on the ground was a commonly used storage item. These days, he had paid careful attention to the types and appearances of the daily items used by the White-Haired Monster and his group. He could now roughly distinguish the kinds and shapes of daily necessities here.

He bent down and picked up the storage item that was only the size of a palm and looked very much like a button. He tentatively explored the inside, but to no avail. He noticed a broken thread under the item. He remembered the White-Haired Monster’s action of removing the attached magic stone from the storage item. His eyes lit up and he hurriedly bent over to look for it carefully on the ground.

A trace of magical feedback came from the corner. He was so happy that he hurriedly walked over to move a tilted sofa stool and found a small golden petal-shaped pendant from below.

There was actually one! It was a high-grade gold magic stone! Although he couldn’t absorb it, the gold magic stone was a necessity for dwarves to refine and make tools! It was also

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