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Chapter 4: Magic Array

“Unknown language, unable to recognize.”

Magic stones were divided into different attributes. There was gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. They were mostly found in places where the five natural elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth were abundant. They were extremely rare and precious.

Qiao Zhiya, as a hybrid of elves and dwarves, possessed two types of magic, wood and earth. Although his magic was weak due to being a mixed blood that it basically did not work much at ordinary times, it was still better than nothing. Moreover, magic could be practiced and increased. It might be weak now but it didn’t mean it would be the same in the future.

Since arriving at this strange place, he had not sensed the existence of magical elements in the air. The thin magical power in his body had been unable to recover after he used it. He was really flustered. Currently, he found a suspected high-grade wood magic stone in his hand. He immediately became excited. If there was a magic stone, then it proved that there was magic in this place! As long as there was magic, he could find a way to contact his parents. He could establish a magic connection, draw a teleportation array, and go home!

Due to his excitement, his hand holding the magic stone tightened unconsciously. His palm became warm and the magic power in the magic stone was triggered and began to continuously be absorbed into his body. The originally dry internal magic pool filled up rapidly. The cool and moist wood-attributed magic power spread, slowly nourishing his body with an inclusive and gentle force.

Qiao Zhiya closed his eyes comfortably and couldn’t help curling his toes.

“Are you stupid?”

A cold voice sounded above his head. Immediately after the body warmed up, the slipped blanket was used to cover his body again. Qiao Zhiya regained his senses from the peculiar feeling when he absorbed the magic. Thinking of something, he couldn’t care about seeing Chu Rong standing in front of him, and took the green stone in his hand and looked at it.

The originally round and shiny green stone has now dimmed in color. There was a layer of lifeless gray on the surface, no longer the bright crystal clear before.

Qiao Zhiya was stupid. The high-grade wood magic stone was highly praised by magicians because of its pure magic power and its gentle compatibility with other magic stones. The price was several times that of other magic stones! He, he simply couldn’t afford it!


Dwarves were mostly industrious and wealthy, but he had just recently graduated from the clan school. He no longer accepted parental care and had not found a formal job. It was the poorest time in his life, not to mention the high-level magic stone, he couldn’t even afford the low-level one.

After all, he was just a young dwarf who had just grown up. He hadn’t gone out to journey yet. He had been sheltered by his tribe and his parents while grow

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