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Chapter 18: Leaf Imprint

“Here it is, cheapskate.”

Without “others,” the meeting room was instantly quiet.

Chu Rong pretended that he had forgotten to drive out Qiao Zhiya, an “irrelevant person.” He kicked the middle-aged fat man who was still lying on the ground and said, “I will give you three minutes. I can’t tell you any valuable clues. I don’t mind listing the crimes you committed in the Federation and then send you back to the Empire.”

The middle-aged fat man, Bart, was terrified when he heard the words. He didn’t care about the painful fat all over his body. He got up from the ground and quickly said, “Before I left home, I secretly hid a mini space button on my body that was not found by the mine thieves when they caught me. After I got here, I bought an old protective suit with the contents of the space button. I also got some news, I…”

“Just say the important point.” Chu Rong interrupted his nonsense and deliberately checked the time, “You have two minutes left.”

Bart choked. He quickly swallowed the nonsense he had started to talk about and directly said, “The newcomer told me that he is actually a member of the Federation. If I provide him with enough money, he can bring me into the mining theft organization and settle down in the Federation. Believe me, what I said is true! If you don’t believe me, you can call the mine thief to come and confront him!”

“What if you are conspiring with each other to try to confuse the Federation and cause internal strife?” Xiang Hui interjected, with a look of‘I’m very smart, you don’t want to deceive us wise Federalists.’He frowned and looked at Chu Rong, trying to persuade him, “Marshal Chu, this vile person’s words are not credible, I think—”

Chu Rong didn’t even look at him and waved to Lin Zhen: “Let’s interrogate them. Bring all the mine thieves who have been in contact with him.”

Lin Zhen stood up and walked out of the conference room without saying a word.

The attitude of the other party made it clear that he was going to treat him as air. Xiang Hui looked at Bart, who was shrinking to the side. He wanted to hit him and block his mouth!


Within a few minutes, Lin Zhen returned with several people.

“It’s him! He was the one who promised to help me! He’s a Federal!” Bart pointed to one of the younger looking mine thieves and shouted.

The young mine thief was at a loss. He didn’t know why he and his other companions were brought out. At this time, seeing Bart, he was shocked and thought about it. He immediately understood what was going on. His expression abruptly stiffened and he sternly shouted, “Who are you?! I don’t know you, so don’t talk nonsense!”

It was a

Concerning his own safety, Bart immediately blew up and yelled, “Bell, don’t pretend to be stupid! I gave you so many good things. There’s also a chain bracelet of ice crystals in it. There are only several of them in the entire Empire. Don’t say you don’t ha

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