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Chapter 1: Bald Chicken

“Catch it.”

It’s been half a month since Qiao Zhiya fell into this barren land full of rocks. During this half month, he was constantly watched by a group of strange guys who were tall and huge. Every day, he worked hard to transport the stones, tiring his thin arms.

However, that was not the point. The point was that he could not understand what those people were saying, he didn’t know the objects they used, and they ate an extremely unpalatable food that he had never tasted before. More importantly, there was no magic here— the air was twisted and dry, and filled with something that made him very uncomfortable.

This was definitely not his beautiful and lovely hometown. The black hole that appeared suddenly half a month ago seemed to have brought him to the center of a villain’s base camp and caught him as soon as he landed.

What was that black hole? Was it a teleportation magic array made by an evil magician? What was the purpose of that evil magician to build a magic circle so close to the dwarf village? Other than him, were other people also sucked in? Would his father and mother go out to find him after he disappeared?

He was messily thinking about something, but his hands were not slow. He was pretending to be struggling to pick up a crimson stone, while paying attention to his feet, he walked towards the metal trailer not far away.

“Oh, it’s been half a month. Why is this kid still so strong?”

“The radiation from the red tin mine is only harmful to the spiritual power and it doesn’t affect the body. Isn’t it normal for him to be strong?”

“I think it’s because he overeats, so I took the liberty to reduce his food.”

“Reduce his food? Do you mean take all his food? Hahaha.”


The strange and peculiar noises could be heard nearby and Qiao Zhiya glanced at them. With a quick glance, his gaze stopped on the three tall silhouettes that were tightly wrapped in protective clothing, he lowered his head, and continued to walk towards the trailer.

Although he could not understand the content of those people’s words, but only by listening to their malicious tone, he knew that he must be starving again today— after all, this kind of thing had not happened for the first time.

Suddenly, his shoulder was hit. He turned his head to the side and his sight happened to meet a wretched middle-aged man who was also lifting a rock. He silently frowned, then flinched aside pretending to be scared, and bowed his head.

“Little Mute, come to me at night, I’ll give you food, and you stay with me for one night, how about it?” With the slick tone and the disgusting glint in his eyes, although he couldn’t understand, it’s definitely not a good-natured question.

Qiao Zhiya raised his fist itching to hit someone. Glancing over the metal ring on his wrist, he could only suppress his impulse, speed up his pace, and put the stone in the trailer. He then ran back around the mi

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