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Everyone had come to fulfill the seven-year promise. They did not gather in the hamlet for fear of disturbing the villagers. Instead, they gathered at a hill not far away. Duo Ji had left seclusion as well. After several days of closed meditation, he had regrown his severed arms and reforged his bones. It was as though he had been granted a new body. He looked more than 10 years younger, and his aura reached the very peak of his cultivation realm.

When Little Guo Po saw the recovered Duo Ji, hope was reignited in his eyes, and his trust in Xiang Shaoyun reached an unconditional level.

Xiang Shaoyun swept his gaze past everyone present before saying, "Today, I gather all of you here to give me a helping hand at regaining what was mine. I hope everyone can work with a common purpose and take down the thieves occupying the Ziling Sect. This young master will be immensely thankful for the help you are going to render."

Most of the people present did not have any sense of belonging to the Ziling Sect. But since it was Xiang Shaoyun's request, they would comply unconditionally.

"We will do our very best to help you, young master," they all replied in a uniform manner.

"Very good. Listen to me. We will move out separately. Be careful to not go together so that we don't give them the chance to catch all of us at once. We will reconvene after arriving at the Ziling Sect. At that time, we can charge in together," said Xiang Shaoyun.

He then started sending them away in groups, reminding them to keep their identities hidden. The first group was led by Du Xuanhao. He had Hua Cheng, Han Pojun, and Gong Qinyin go with him. The second group consisted of Tuoba Wan'er and Old Urchin, and they brought Xia Liuhui and Zi Changhe with them. The third group would be Xiang Shaoyun, Ye Chaomu, Little White, and the others.

Xiang Shaoyun originally wanted to have Ye Chaomu head over first with the 13 eagles and the other two experts. However, Ye Chaomu insisted on staying by his side. She also said that since Di Batian knew her, a fight would break out the moment she entered the city. She claimed that only by traveling alongside Xiang Shaoyun would they be able to show their determination in regaining the Ziling Sect.

As for Little White, it went without speaking that he would travel with Xiang Shaoyun. That was because he had several powerful demonic beasts following him, and there was no way they would allow the demonic beasts to travel independently. As for the turtle and the toad, they only listened to Xiang Shaoyun, so they naturally tagged along. The end result was the creation of this strongest group.

Tuoba Wan'er and Gong Qinyin also wanted to stay with Xiang Shaoyun, but they knew how important this mission was, so they did not dare to make any demands. And with that, they had set off in separate groups.

Xiang Shaoyun did not stay around either, and he started moving. Before returning to the Ziling Sect, he had to first

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