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I would’ve never imagined that my life would one day be intertwined with a child who wasn’t even a major character of my novel.

But I also didn’t expect to see soldiers looting in the Demon World War I described in it. There was no need or reason for me to imagine such things as I wrote the novel.

Normally, things like these weren’t woven into the main story in novels such as this, right? This wasn’t related to the main story at all, but this world was on a much larger scale than just the main story, right?

While the main character was waiting to enter the Gardias Temple letting his imagination flow, in the prologue section before the main story even started, a princess was about to be assassinated and the Demon Prince was fighting tooth and nail to save her. That was happening right now.

This world I described, with all it’s blank spaces filled in, was more realistic than I imagined. That made this whole thing even more scary.

Dyrus didn’t stop walking, while he did seem disappointed and angry at being treated the same as those mongrels who acted out of personal greed.

While I was rushing to get out of the Demon King’s Castle, Dyrus suddenly grabbed my arm.


Dyrus suddenly slipped into the hallway next to him, not the way we were going to go, and hid me behind a Gargoyle statue in the hallway. Dyrus’ expression was serious.

“The Knights of Duke Salerian.”

I knew what he meant, so I immediately held my breath.

Duke Salerian.

Bertus’ maternal family and the reason he could have so many followers. If Charlotte had judged Sir Francis to not necessarily be an enemy, Duke Salerian would absolutely be the princess’ enemy. The overarching goal of Duke Salerian was to make Bertus emperor.

It was very likely that Sir Francis was killed by them.

Dyrus held his breath and tensed up. I didn’t know what kind of status Dyrus had, but he said he was a Lieutenant.

In addition, the Knights of Duke Salerian, one of the most powerful noble families in the Empire, would have prestige not comparable to any other noble. Although I’m not really sure, they must be high-ranking knights far more superior compared to normal knights.

Not to mention their skills.

-Clang, clang, clang

There were a large number of them.

– Are you sure they entered the Castle and haven’t come out?

-Yes, I am.

– Can’t say if that’s a good or bad thing….

– What should we do if we find him?

-Do I have to tell you?

– Are we going to do that officer in, too?

– It must have been his fate to end in such an unlucky way.

They didn’t mention a concrete person in their conversation, but it was clear who they were looking for.

They were looking for me and Dyrus. Dyrus was holding his breath while clenching his teeth.

They have to pass by. They can’t notice us.


I realized how foolish it was to think that we could fool the senses of high-ranking knights.

“I think they’re over

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