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visfmradio > Pillaging Bandit In The World Of Naruto > 6 Chapter 6 - Burning Flesh
Boom. The roof made of straws and the supporting wooden beams immediatly burst into flames before falling down on the heads of the bandits.

Splat. A fragment of a wooden beam pierced eaglebeaks right eye and brain when he looked up in alarm causing instant death. Charles is informed of a handful others suffered the same fate of being pierced by the remains of the wooden suppert beams when his body began to grow and he learns knowledge of new jutsu.

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Not daring to waste anymore time when Charles saw the bandit rush towards the exit, Charles sent another Katon:Gyokaryo no jutsu towards the fleeing bandits.

Boom. The stench of burnning flesh invaded Charles nose. The screams of the bandits on fire are ringing in his ears and Charles wanted to vomit from the ghastly sight but he didn't when he remebered the corpses of the villagers set ablaze in the village center.

Charles facial expression didn't show joy or sorrow at sight of the sufflering bandits, there was only resolve in his heart to step in whenever he could to prevent tragdies as these as much as possible.

'Without power you can only accept death from those with malicious intentsions' thinks Charles with a sigh.

"Please kill me!" Says the bandit with missing fingers on his hands and is covered with third degree burns closet to him. "Kill us" Says the nearby bandits nearby in unison knowing there is no place in the world for crippled bandits.

Smilling bitterly at the dejavu like scenario in front of him, Charles raised his kunai and slit their throats.

"Thank yo.." Thanks were muttered before they were put down like sick animals.

Splat. Charles widens his eyes in surprise when he feels extreme pain in his leg as he went about his slaughter.

Alerted Charles turns his head from side to side and sees four bandits get of the ground weakly but filled with hate for their ambusher.

"s.h.i.+ze" Yells Charles loudly.

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