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visfmradio > Pillaging Bandit In The World Of Naruto > 1 Chapter 1 - Having Lightning Nature Sucks
Splash. The rain poured down from the sky and the thunder was deafining. Charles curses the coldhearted bus driver that smacked the bus doors right in his face just five minutes ago. Charles was soacked from top to toe because the weather forecast said sunny. Bing.

'Even the light turned red too!?' Screams Charles internaly when..Boom. Rob-Charles spasmes a few times before his hearts stops and he falls dead to the ground.

"Kill me! Yells a mans voice to the right of Charles. Charles groans as he tries to stand up, feeling like the time he got too lucky for the casinos taste.

Charles feels around his ribs, knee ancle but gives a relived sigh when discorvers nothing is broken. The biggest frieght Charles got however was when he saw his s.h.i.+rt covered in blood but after taking af his clothes there was no cut to speak of.

"Kill me please" repeats the mans voice agian weakly after he got Charles attention.

"What happened to you and who are you?" Exclaimed Charles with a mix of fear and pity. "

"Hehe can't remember your boss already after he get's injured? I chose the wrong line of work.

"I'm sorry maybe I hit my head but I don't remember you name." Says Robert while scrating the top of his head.

After spiting out blood the man says weakly "If it was before I would have cut you to pieces for that but now I'm at your mercy. Kill me n-now please." Says the mans voice unable to control the tone of his voice because of the pain he was enduring.

"I.." begins Charles but seeing the begging eyes of the man with feet and hands bent in unatrual angles, Charles picks up a kunai. Charles hands shook out of nervousness so much he almost dropped it but he manged to gather strength in his grip.

Splat. The kunai pierces the unknown mans throat. The man in ragged clothes smiles in relief and tries so to force some worlds out but only blood exits his mouth.

"Huh" exclaims Charles in surprise as his body begins to glow and a strange knowledge is being transfered into his mind.

Henge no jutsu. The user can transform into a human or object for a duration of time depending on how much chakra is used. Cost:10 Charkra for a 10 minute duration and 1 chakra for every minute past the orginal ten minutes. Usage conditions: The jutsu handseals takes three secounds to complete. If the users concentration is broken or the user is pushed of balance the jutsu will be interuptted. The jutsu will end unwilingly if the user runs out of chakra or if the users chakra flow becomes irregular.

The bloodline Pillager has absorbed 1% of the dead foes chakra. Current users chakra is 101/101.

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