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visfmradio > Pillaging Bandit In The World Of Naruto > 2 Chapter 2 - Life Planning
Charles just stood there for a long time. It might have been two or three hours, it at least felt that way while Charles is recalling the world he may never see agian.

Charles felt like everything was out of his reach, his family,his freinds, even the morals his father and mother taught him might be discarded too while he grasps for survival.

The scene Charles has just left behind him gave a grusome reminder that this world isn't a fairy tail were everything ends up in triumph for the hero.

In a world were might makes right and the ones left behind is destined a life of sacrifices and tragedy, Charles can't help but thirst for power and he even has the means to succed but and this is a but that will leave scars in Charles psyke forever.

Is it worth it to truly abandon everything Charles is for something that might bring him grief and regret in the end when mets his death at the hand of another. Not only will he have lived for nothing all those people he reaped on Charles road to strength wil have died in vain too. Only when Charles died of old age surrounded by children and grandchildren will his life end with no regrets.

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So this is all boils down to one question. Can Charles do it? Is the fear of the tragic end the man next to him happening to him pulling him forwards along the path of unknown dangers or will fear of fallurie hold him in place and Charles is destined to pray that no harm befalls himself or those he will come to care about.

Rumble. Charles stormach rumbled loudly demanding substance but Charles feel like until his dillema is fixed he didn't have the strength to move one bit.

At last when the final red sun rays signaled not long before nightfall a trace of coldness could be seen in Charles eyes. Clenching the kunai in hands as tightly as possible as if it was no longer a weapon but his very resolve for a brighter future, in the midst of death a true warrior is born.

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