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visfmradio > Pillaging Bandit In The World Of Naruto > 5 Chapter 5 - Playing With Fire
"Henge no jutsu." Says Charles. Puff. After the smokecloud cleared a mirror image of the dead bandit replaced Charles.

Clenching his hands into fists in anger, Charles walked back to the village with smoke rising from the burning houses.

"Hehe Derick. What's the matter with your face, are you running away from the two brats in fear?"

At the village entrance, a tall and skinny man with a ruined left eye greets Charles.

In order to not blow his cover, Charles pretended to be irratable and snapped back "A lucky throw in the form of a kitchen knife, I gutted that kid for that." While carresing the wound on his cheek.

It just made the ruined eye laugh louder "Haha. A farmer kid wounds the unstoppable Raging Bull of the Red Crow. Your father would roll in his grave if he knew!"

Charles just snorted in respondse to ruined eye and walks into the chaos that unfolded in the small village.

Making a grim face Charles thinks 'I'm gonna make them pay for this. Every single on..'

Charles thoughts is interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. "Hey Derick if your are just gonna stand there with a finger up the rear help me carry the booty to the chiefs hut, Boss is holding a feast to celebrate his first sons sucessful plunder." Says a man with a nose shaped like a eagle beak.

"Okay." Answers Charles with a cold glimt in his eyes before being handed two barrels full of wine.

Laughter could be from the dinning hall could be heard while Eagle beak and Charles huffed and puffed outside carrying valubles and provisions to the hut.

"Are you coming Derick? There won't be any food left if we wait any longer." Says Eagle beak.

"Go on ahead. Nature calls" Replies Charles while crossing his legs.

"Too bad! I feel sorry for you buddy" Says eagle beak on his way to fill his stomach.

'You won't for long' thinks Charles turning his head to look for any bandits on lookout but there wasn't any.

Taking in a deep breath Charles uttered "Kanton:Gyokaryou no justsu!"

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