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visfmradio > Pillaging Bandit In The World Of Naruto > 4 Chapter 4 - Bandits!
"Run into the woods" Yells the middleaged man from earlier looking at his son and Charles.

"But I." Charles began but stopped himself while he thinks 'Even if I have a overpowered bloodline it does not make me stronger right away. If a fight twenty well equipped men I would die for sure with only my bare hands.

Screams could be heard from within Weed Village but Charles knew he couldn't do anything about it..yet. Confronted with a scene where the weak is mercilessly bullied by the strong, a burden the size of a boulder was lifted from Charles heart and a sinister smile couldn't be hidden while he thinks' This is not Earth after all. Killers are everywhere and I don't have to end the lives of people living in a village like this one.'

Although Charles knew that some warriors on the battlefield are only fighting to protect what they care about, Charles could at least clear his conscience with he had to do the same however killing civillans to vain strength was something he didn't want to do in order to at least keep some part of him from Earth. In that instance Charles truly felt that he was now taking control and the path to the future that was light instead of being completely dark like when he first came here.

After Charles ran out of sight of the bandits he decided that to hide on top of the crown of the tree was his best option was the best offensively and defensively because Charles knew in his hungry state he couldn't run from the bandits and when the got to him, Charles would be too out of breath to fight back.

Charles lied as still as possible and soon after hurried breathing could be heard.

"Damm it. Where did those two brats go." Says a obse bald middleaged man.

Crunch." There he is! hehe." Says the obse bandit unsheathing his sword after spotting the young man that ran away with Charles.

"Karma birch!" Yells Charles while taking of the tree crown.

Swoosh. "Ow!" Yells Charles while clutching his right cheek while he cast shadow over the bandits corpse. Charles understimated the obse bandit because while he was out of shape he was a hardenend warrior so instead of the yell stunning him in place, it warned him to his presence giving him a chance to give nasty cut two centimerers wide before Charles pierced his throat with a kunai.

The Pillager bloodline absorbed one percent of the dead foes chakra. Current chakra 102/102.

Learned: Katon: Gokakyo no jutsu. User does not met requirement: Fire release. Learned:Fire release.

Katon:Gokakyo no jutsu. The user creates a 1 meter in diameter ball of flames to be launched at enimies. Usage cost:25 Chakra. Usage conditions: The hand seals takes five seconds to complete. If the users concentration is broken or is pushed of balance the ninjutsu is interrupted. The jutsu will end unwillingly if the users chakra runs out or if the users chakra flow becomes irregular.

'What nice timing I've got an idea.' Thinks Charles with a spark of fighting spirit i

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