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Li Chang walked out of the convenience store with the axe in his hand and walked to the bathroom. He was about to call Hao Jian, but her heard the door behind him open, and Hao Jian hooked her shoulders and lightly said, “There’s food in it.”

Lian Ru Ning’s expression did not change and raised her hand to support Hao Jian’s waist. There was a hyena approaching so she didn’t have time to admire Hao Jian’s thin waist. She asked, “Are you having dysmenorrhea?”

Hao Jian nodded, and Lian Ru Ning replied, “Then go back and rest!”

Li Chang paused, his eyes narrowed slightly and slowed down his pace.

“Brother Li, why did you come out?” Lian Ru Ning looked around nervously, “Is there anything unusual?”

Li Chang smiled slightly, “No. You guys didn’t come back after a long time so I was worried about you and came out. Is she okay?”

“It’s that time of the month, Brother Li stop asking.”

Li Chang said, “Oh” and went back to the convenience store with them. Seeing that Hao Jian seemed uncomfortable, Xin Ting came over to care for her. Li Ge gave Hao Jian a bottle of water and said, “If you feel uncomfortable, take a drink!”

Lian Ru Ning said, “She shouldn’t drink cold water for now.”

Liu Shu also knew what was going on, so she said her first sentence after all this time, “There’s an electric kettle here, let me boil you some water!”

“Is there still electricity here?”


As soon as Liu Shu left, the three-year-old boy was about to make trouble and Old Lady Li hurriedly pulled him to coax, “Don’t cry or yell, otherwise the zombies will come to catch you!”

“Mom, that’s a zombie!” Li Ge corrected her while tearing the dried meat in his hand into strips before handing them to Old Lady Li.

Xin Ting said, “Second Brother Li, you’re so filial!”

Li Ge smiled, “This is my biological mother. My father is gone. Neither I nor my brother can leave her alone.”

He glanced at Hao Jian who was lying on the ground and asked, “Do you want to eat something first?”

Hao Jian slightly opened her eyelids and weakly said, “No, no appetite.”

Li Chang pursed his lips, “Does it really hurt?”

“You men don’t understand. If it hurts, you really lose your strength that you just want to faint.” Xin Ting said, Lian Ru Ning also echoes, and Liu Shu seemed to feel the same.

Seeing that they were all talking, Li Chang and Li Ge didn’t say anything, but persuaded Lian Ru Ning to eat something. She also used the excuse to go to the bathroom, but because Hao Jian and Xin Ting were both there, they didn’t doubt her anymore. But Li Chang still went with Lian Ru Ning.

Lian Ru Ning closed the bathroom door tightly. It wasn’t as messy as she imagined, but there were yellow stains on the bottom of the water pipe. There is a bucket inside with some mosquitoes flying over it.

She looked around inside, suspecting that she had heard it wrong, otherwise Hao Jian would never have said that there was food here. In fact,

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