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Chapter 2

Five years ago, Hao Jian was enrolled to a well-known university in Southern City. Southern City was more than 700 kilometers away from her hometown and lived there alone to study, only to drop out half a year later. She went back to her hometown and work to take care of her seriously ill mother.

After half a year living this kind of life, her mother committed suicide two days after her birthday with a suicide note:

‘I can’t take it anymore, but I wanted to spend my last birthday with you.’

She could still taste the last cake she ate as if it was stuck in her throat. It wasn’t because it was sweet, but it was so bitter that she vomited everything in her stomach on her mother’s grave.

“Reminding the host that it’s the second day since the zombie virus outbreak level has risen to 3. For the sake of your physical and mental health, please start the survival mission and increase your level as soon as possible.”

Yesterday, the auditory hallucinations in her mind reappeared. Hao Jian shook her head and looked around the cemetery again. Surrounding this barren and lonely cemetery, there are only small hills covered with weeds, while the more luxurious ones are just monuments. Apart from her and Zhiye, there are no other living creatures?!

“Reminding the host that it is disrespectful to vomit filth in front of other graves.”

Hao Jian looked down, She hadn’t eaten anything since last night. How could there be any filth? It was just saliva at most.

Suddenly, she reached and patted her head.

“What is this auditory hallucination? Is it because I have split personality?”

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was. She grabbed a shovel and shoveled away her vomit and weed apart.

“According to system results, the host ahs very good physical health and no record of mental illnesses. Otherwise, how could an advanced system like me and my high-end doomsday survival system version 2018 be bound to you!”

Hao Jian’s heart gradually grew heavy. She became more and more certain that either she’s experiencing auditory hallucinations, or something strange was attached to her.

If it was auditory hallucinations, then her condition could be serious, convincing her of going to the hospital as soon as possible. If something strange is attached to her then she has to do two things; first is to publish a paper confirming the existence of ghosts and monsters, second is to go to Huang Daxian1.

Thankfully, the sound never appeared again. Hao Jian paid homage to her mother with peace of mind. She went back down the mountain and went home before the forest lost its luster.

Hao Jian arrived in a two-story red-brick house, with mottled walls on three sides like dividing a territory and a rusty iron door. Although she went to Southern City to earn a living after her mother died, she still returns to this home several times a year and is no stranger to all this.

The valuables in the house were eith

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