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Hao Jian walked carefully towards her home with Lian Ru Ning. Along the way, they also spotted some people hiding in their houses while looking at her through their windows. Not only did they not make a sound, they also hurriedly closed the windows.

After arriving home without accident, Hao Jian took a careful look in the yard before closing the door of the yard. She locked the door from the inside so she isn’t worried about zombies breaking into her home.

Walking all the way from the village entrance, Lian Ru Ning felt like she was underwater, heavily breathing. When she got into Hao Jian’s house, she finally let her guard down and catch her breath at the same time.

“The owner of the car you were talking about is that guy named Hao Fang?” Lian Ru Ning suddenly asked.

“Yeah.” Hao Jian had no intention of hiding it.

Lian Ru Ning wanted to ask something but had no idea how to. From Hao Jian’s attitude, she clearly knows about the village situation, but why didn’t she notify the others in the village?

She wasn’t her mother but she had a feeling that Hao Jian was not the kind of person who wouldn’t save those in need. She was had become quite interested in this stranger.

“You’re probably thinking that I’m not the kind of person who wouldn’t save those in need. Why don’t you try informing the people in this remote village that Hao Fang turned into a zombie?” Hao Jian blinked before going to kitchen and use the kettle to boil water.

When she tried to use the kettle, she realized that the electricity in her house was still uninterrupted. She felt that the power supply bureau was different from the communications bureau that there is still flowing electricity despite the chaotic times. She also didn’t want to experience a sudden power failure during live broadcasting while playing and scolded people multiple times in her heart.

“Uncle of the power supply bureau, you have to stay strong, don’t lose your momentum during these hard days like the network department!” Hao Jian prayed in her heart this nonsense that would only be useful when playing games.

Lian Ru Ning stared at Hao Jian strangely after hearing her complaints. Hao Jian is like a roundworm, she tries so hard to hide something but still fail in hiding it.

“In the present, there are TVs at home and the messaging apps in mobile phones are also advancing with the times. People living in this village aren’t isolated from the world. Though the news they receive are better than mine.” Hao Jian said.

People like her who don’t rely on TV and the Internet will eventually live in isolation. People in this village don’t have much for entertainment. They watch TV every day and don’t miss the broadcasting news. Those who hide in the house and run away when they see her, aren’t they the ones who are innocent?!

In this case, if it weren’t for the system’s reminder, she would’ve been the one who should be bitten by the zombie. Though it’s important to escape

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