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Hao Jian wouldn’t believe that Shi Gong Dui was as weak as Peng Mao just because of Shi Gong Dui’s show of weakness. But now that the rain will soon stop, they will be leaving and they will not have any more entanglements with Shi Gong Dui, so she has to take the time to ask everything she wants to know before leaving.

“Where is your refuge base here?”

“At the airport just seven kilometers away. Almost everyone who heard the evacuation announcement went to the airport. Later, because of a stampede, zombie virus carriers got mixed in, resulting in a sharp rise in the number of deaths and injuries.

Later, the escort team learned its lesson and strengthened the airport protection first and then divided all the survivors who had entered their shelter into many parts – each part was set up with isolation fences to form individual camps. This is to ensure that when a zombie appears in the isolation camps, it won’t affect the survivors from other camps.

Although the airport is located in a remote area and surrounded by farmland, the view is very good. But many people had gathered there before after all, so there are often hordes of zombies roaming around. Now there are fewer zombies in the city.”

“These things happened after the communication signal was cut off, how did you know?”

“Of course I connected to their communication channel by riding in their frequency and overheard it!”

This time, Hao Jian didn’t say that he was doing something illegal. She pondered for a moment and then asked, “Then, apart from the stampede, has there been any other incidents that caused more serious casualties?”

Lian Ru Ning had returned to Hao Jian’s side. Hearing her question, she knew that Hao Jian wanted to find out if there were any ‘Wugui’ forces in the area.

Shi Gong Dui’s eyes flickered, “I can only occasionally listen to those situations and not all the time, so I really don’t know if there are other incidents.”

Hao Jian also felt that he could not hope for Shi Gong Dui to know, so she planned to ask one last question, “Do you have a way to contact the escort team in the Southern City?”

Shi Gong Dui replied, “Southern City is too far away, and the signal I can receive is only half the range of Xinghua City.”

“What about contacting the them through the official network?” Lian Ru Ning asked.

“Sister, if I dare to send a message to the officials, in less than a second, my network here will be completely blocked and the guards can come to my door at any time and take me away and torture me to extract a confession!”

The corner of Hao Jian’s mouth twitched, “Is that bad? Your food is almost finished anyway. Aren’t you worried that you can’t go to the refuge base? Once the guards come, your safety is also guaranteed.”

Shi Gong Dui sharply shook his head violently, “No, I don’t want to go to the refuge base! There are a lot of people there and the conditions are simple. I live here in a more spacious room, why w

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