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Chapter 467: If You Don’t Let Go, He Might Die

The conversation topic changed very quickly. Jiang Tingxu coughed, “Isn’t it faster to ask your brother?”

Qiao Ran’s brother, Qiao Yu, was the boss of Yinhuang Entertainment. Also, it wasn’t like this girl didn’t know Huo Ye.

Why did she ask her?

“Hmph, I’m not asking that arrogant Qiao Yu!”


“Did you fought with your brother?”

Of course!

They were still in the middle of the cold war!

Qiao Ran had already ignored her brother for three days and three nights.

Even if she wanted to ask, she had to hold back!

Jiang Tingxu guessed it correctly and burst out laughing, “Forget it, I’ll tell you then. Gu Ranzhi has returned to the country but how did you know?”

This time, Gu Ranzhi’s itinerary was a private one and would not be made known to the public. There was nothing reported on the Internet from morning until now.

How did this girl know about it?


She was not a fan for nothing.

Qiao Ran immediately started to giggle and spoke with a shrewd and insightful voice, “Of course, I heard it from the thoracic surgery department that Department Director Wen took leave for today!”

For Madam Kill-All to take a leave of absence unless she was too sick to get up, the only reason was her biological son.

Upon hearing the answer, Jiang Tingxu did not know whether she should laugh or not.

Forget it, it was better not to laugh. After all, the person who was going to be laughed at was Gu Ranzhi!

However, she had to admire these star-chasing girls. Their IQ was simply off the charts!

They actually guessed that Gu Ranzhi had returned based on Director Wen’s leave of absence!

While the two of them were gossiping, they heard a shout from outside, “Doctor! Where’s the doctor? He’s dying!”

Jiang Tingxu and Qiao Ran exchanged looks and the two of them immediately ran outside.

Because the two of them had been standing at the door, they were the first ones to come over.

Just then they were held back by an anxious police officer, “Please save our Commissioner!”

Jiang Tingxu was dragged to the patient’s side by the police officer, she glanced at him and paused in an instant.

She quickly checked the patient and shouted anxiously, “Uncle Gu, wake up!”

When the young policeman heard Jiang Tingxu addressing the patient, he asked, “Do you know our Commissioner?”

Jiang Tingxu had roughly finished checking, but her expression became solemn. She hurriedly ordered Qiao Ran, “Inform the blood bank and tell them to send over 2,000 ml of type O blood immediately.”

Qiao Ran was already on stand by, “Alright, I’ll go immediately.”

Jiang Tingxu looked at the police officer, “He lost too much blood and needs to be operated on immediately. Please help me to push him.”

At this moment, Gu Yueshu’s face was white as a sheet due to excessive bleeding from his injury.

It was obvious that he was in a state of shock.

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