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Anet spread out and flew toward the charging beastfolk. With a scowl, she leaped off the ground and began to climb the wall.

“Get your shit together, bastards!”

“Group 2!” the man commanded.

The explorers immediately deduced from the beastfolk’s extraordinary movement that something wasn’t right. Another net flew out, causing the beastfolk to crawl upside down on the ceiling and jump back down to the ground.

The man clenched his teeth when he observed the beastfolk move nimbly across the narrow passage.

“Something’s not right! Forget about capturing this beastfolk. Get ready to attack!” the dungeon baby yelled.

“What? That creature is at least a top-grade–”

“Nobody can tame that thing! Just kill it!”

It was a wise evaluation of the situation, as expected from an experienced dungeon baby. While they were hesitating for a brief moment, however, the beastfolk had already reached the ordinary explorers on the front line.

“Bunker!” the man ordered. Huge shields lined up in the middle of the passage to form a body bunker.

Unfortunately, the beastfolk leaped across the barrier without any issues. She moved so incredibly fast that only her faint footsteps could be heard. The explorers attempted to fire their crossbows and thrust their spears, but none of these attacks could reach the beastfolk.

They can’t stop her,Kim Jin-Woo thought as he remained hidden in the dark thanks to his ‘Camouflage’ ability. He was certain that the explorers couldn’t put a halt to the beastfolk’s rampage.

The dungeon babies born on the deep floors were strong, but their skin and flesh weren’t damage-proof. They would still be killed if they were slashed and pierced by knives. Furthermore, the beastfolk was extremely agile and had razor-sharp claws that could rip their tender flesh apart.


Meanwhile, the beastfolk pounced over the ordinary explorers and reached the dungeon babies. Thus began the massacre.


Her first victim was the dungeon baby who had been scolded by the man previously. He swung his knife with his teeth clenched, but he ended up as a headless corpse before he knew it.

“Woo-Young!” someone screamed.

The dungeon babies swiftly surrounded the beastfolk and attacked viciously. However, the creature evaded the attacks and slashed the belly of another dungeon baby open, causing his intestines to spill out.

“Damn bitch!”


The dungeon babies were enraged by their comrade’s death. They attacked with all their might, but to no avail.

More dungeon babies fell victim to the beastfolk by the minute, until none of them were alive. It was already too late when Kim Jin-Woo, who had been contemplating helping them, came to his senses and realized what had happened in that brief moment.

“Kyaaak!” The beastfolk kneeled on the floor and shrieked, surrounded by the corpses of her victims and their blood. The screech, too sharp and threatening to be a victory cr

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