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#16. Hoya, The Night Tiger

The whole passage was covered in red blood. Its ghastly color, clearly visible even in the dark, stretched along the narrow passage. Many small beasts had their heads buried in a chunk of flesh. They hissed viciously at Kim Jin-Woo but immediately scurried back into the dark, frightened by something unknown.

“What on earth...” Kim Jin-Woo mumbled as he squatted down on the sticky floor and inspected the corpse the small beasts had been feeding on. It was completely disfigured; not only had its hand been torn away from its forearm, but its shin had also been broken into tiny pieces. Although the corpse barely had any features left, Kim Jin-Woo could guess its identity.

It was a human; an explorer, to be precise. The pair of bloody gaiters and the piece of rough cloth on the corpse were identical to the ones that Lee Jun-Young and her comrades had.

Kim Jin-Woo confirmed his suspicions when he discovered a broken shield fragment in the corner. He had been able to observe the distinct traces even though the whole ceiling was covered in blood. Afterward, he began to cautiously move forward.

Splatter, splatter.

The footsteps belonged to a team of at least dozens of explorers, as was evident from the many torn gaiters and broken weapons scattered across the floor.

Kim Jin-Woo glanced briefly at his surroundings and imagined what could have happened here.

There must have been about forty explorers and ten to fifteen dungeon babies, who were all strong and experienced enough to reach this far. They had stepped onto the seventh floor, and were attacked by something.

“About here…”

Judging from the direction of the arrow stuck in the wall, the first monster must have attacked at this point. This would be where the first clash must have occurred.

The broken fragments of shields, compressed and stuck into the ground, allowed Kim Jin-Woo to visibly picture the impact of the collision. His face began to stiffen as he followed the traces.

The explorers had been well-prepared. Kim Jin-Woo didn’t know much about tactics, but he had seen Lee Jun-Young and her team’s battles several times. He could tell from the traces of battle that the sacrificed explorers had fought extremely well.

However, they had all been massacred in the end.

By what?

A team of this size could even defeat the blood leopard couple on the 9th floor. Furthermore, Kim Jin-Woo failed to find any traces left behind by the predator in the scene. There should have been claw marks carved onto the wall or heavy footprints on the floor, but none of them could be seen. It was almost as if the explorers had fought with each other.

Where are the survivors?

He scanned for any traces of survivors and shook his head. Judging from such an appalling scene, he preferred to hope there weren’t any survivors. Even if someone did make it out, they would fall prey to the other predators that were attracted by the scent of

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