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#9. The Wild Dogs of the Underground World

“Let’s lure them in and catch them.”

The explorers rammed their shields into the ground upon Jung Chan-Shik’s command. The spearmen placed their spears in between the shields. The dungeon babies stood in front of the formation.

“Any volunteers to lure them in?” Jung Chan-Shik asked.

“I can,” Kim Jin-Woo stepped forward and said.

“Sure. They’re just around this corner, so try to lure a few of them if possible.”

“Be careful, Mr. Jin-Woo,” Lee Jun-Young said.

Kim Jin-Woo gave Lee Jun-Young a brief gesture of acknowledgment and carefully made his way through the dark. It took him less than twenty steps to reach the corner Jung Chan-Shik had mentioned. He cautiously stuck his head out and scouted around the curve.

The six creatures in the dark resembled monkeys. Their peaceful roaming reminded Kim Jin-Woo of a family of monkeys on a picnic.

However, their intimidating appearance could make one’s knees wobble. Not only were they larger than gorillas, but each of them also had sharp fangs and an additional pair of arms at its flank.

Kim Jin-Woo pulled his head back and notified the team. “They’re four-armed monkeys. There are six of them in total–five large ones and one small one.”

The dungeon babies swiftly exchanged hand gestures and nodded. They were ready.

Kim Jin-Woo observed the explorers cluster their shields together. He then stepped out from the corner.

The four-armed monkeys were playing pranks with each other as though they were unaware of his presence. Kim Jin-Woo took a deep breath and clapped, and the monkeys looked up immediately.

“Here they come,” Kim Jin-Woo said, as a huge pair of eyes the size of his head charged toward him. He hurriedly left the scene.

At that instant, two four-armed monkeys leaped out from the group.

[The battle against the four-armed monkeys has begun.]

Kim Jin-Woo shouted at his teammates upon viewing the message. “Two males!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the pair of four-armed monkeys in fierce pursuit turned the corner to reveal themselves.

The creatures froze for a second upon running into the dungeon babies on standby. Before they could snap out of confusion, Jung Chan-Shik said in a low voice, “Flash.”

The flashlights attached to the explorers’ shields lit up all at once. The four-armed monkeys were too accustomed to the dark. They shrieked and covered their eyes with their hands, but it was too late.

Kim Jin-Woo was wise enough to immediately close his eyes and turn his body away from the light. He charged at the monkeys, who were clutching their eyes and shrieking in agony. He bared his teeth and stabbed one of them with his knife.


Warm blood splattered onto his cheeks. The monkey’s collarbone was severed in one blow. It raised both arms into the air, but that didn’t last long. Kim Jin-Woo pushed on the handle of his knife with great strength and ripped the cre

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