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Beneath the scorching midsummer heat in June, ten men and women were wrapped in thick clothes that made them seem as though they were going for a hike in winter. Their choice of clothes might not have been suitable for the surface, but it was certainly appropriate for the icy cold, dark passageways hundreds of meters down below.

The crew walked through the passages, following the light from a yellow bulb. Occasionally, Jang Yoon-Joo would throw in some comments to hype up the atmosphere, while the cameraman would diligently shift his camera lens around to capture the surroundings on film.

Shuffle, shuffle…

Jang Yoon-Joo was making a big fuss over touching the walls of the underground tunnel. Kim Jin-Woo knew that he had to give him a word of caution. “You can’t just go about touching everything like that. We have to be very careful here underground, even for things we’re familiar with.”

“But it’s for the film…” Jang Yoon-Joo said, sulking and pouting.

Kim Jin-Woo let out a sigh. When he looked at her, he felt she would eventually stir up some trouble. Due to that hunch that something bad would happen if she were to be left alone, he solemnly told her, “I told you to listen to me unconditionally… This is all for the crew’s safety.”

He frowned when he saw that Jang Yoon-Joo was staring elsewhere. She seemed to trust the armed bodyguards in black, as she kept glancing in their direction. He couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

The four bodyguards were nothing but ordinary humans equipped with hunting rifles and electric batons. What could they do here with hunting rifles that could barely injure a wild boar?

Kim Jin-Woo felt a sense of foreboding. Meanwhile, the bodyguards were looking at him condescendingly. The look in their eyes was cold, causing Kim Jin-Woo’s expression to stiffen further.

Times really had changed...

The upper floors of the labyrinths, that had always been pitch black in the past, were no longer as dark as they had been back then. Even the ground was no longer covered in jagged rocks. Yellow lightbulbs were embedded in the ceiling every twenty meters, while the floor was evenly flattened out, as if asphalt had been poured over it.

Ordinary humans had once been afraid of the dark, but they didn’t seem to be quite as scared anymore. In addition, many of the men discharged from military service after the war were now making a living by exploring the underground world. The labyrinths were no longer a stage monopolized by the dungeon babies.

‘You have to be careful. If you feel you’re in danger, come up to the surface as fast as you can. Don’t worry about the cancellation fees.’ Kim Jin-Woo could still remember how his mother had grabbed him and pleaded for him to stay when he was about to leave their residence earlier in the morning.

Still, he refused to burden his family. He wanted to be useful. Thus, he decided to pull his already problematic schedule forward a little.

Jang Yo

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