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#6. Hell Spider

[A naga warrior has killed a horned rat.]

[A naga warrior has killed a horned rat.]

[A naga warrior has killed a horned rat.]

[A naga warrior has killed a horned rat.]

Messages appeared as soon as the battle began. The nagas were overwhelmingly powerful, in contrast to Kim Jin-Woo’s initial concerns.

The naga warriors swung their weapons and shields indiscriminately at the giant rats, which were at least two meters tall.

The horned rats’ bodies and skulls were crushed into pieces. They squealed and rolled on the floor.

[A naga warrior has received insignificant damage from the horned rats.]

The naga warriors were fearless. They charged right into the middle of the swarm of horned rats and wreaked havoc. Kim Jin-Woo received occasional messages showing that the warriors were receiving damage, but he wasn’t the least bit concerned. They had only received light cuts or scrapes at most.

Kim Jin- Woo stopped to observe the battle between the nagas and the horned rats. The naga warriors were masters of shields and blunt weapons, while the naga soldiers were great spear users. He didn’t even have to interfere.

[The battle has ended. Kim Jin-Woo (The Naga’s Labyrinth) is victorious.]

Unsurprisingly, a message declaring the end of the battle appeared soon afterward.

“Raaaah!” The nagas stepped on the tattered corpses of the horned rats and crowed over their victory. There were too fewnagasoldiers and warriors to form an army, but they had been victorious nonetheless.

Kim Jin-Woo felt his heart race. It was a trivial battle, but he felt a strange burst of emotion after defeating the invaders.

[Kim Jin-Woo has led the labyrinth to its first victory. The horned rats have been annihilated. The soldiers and warriors that participated in the battle have gained more experience. They can rise in level with additional battles.]

[Thenagawarriors and soldiers are slightly more used to combat. The opponents were too weak for them to gain much experience.]

[Kim Jin-Woo, the dungeon master, was the commander. It is an achievement for all troops to leave the battlefield unscathed. The dungeon master’s charisma has increased slightly.]

Still, Kim Jin-Woo couldn’t afford to become emotional. He paid attention to the last message about the increase in the dungeon master’s charisma.

[Naga’s Labyrinth] (Active)

o Master Kim Jin-Woo (Level 6) (Novice Commander)

o Level 3 Labyrinth (Size 18x18)

o Dungeon Energy (8/100)

o Durability 2148/2148

o Facilities

- Master Room (Level 2)

- Portal (On cooldown 20:17:15 0/1)

- Gate (350/350)

- Storage (540/2500)

- Naga’s Nest (30/40)

* Level 4 facilities can only be activated after upgrading.

o Military Strength (30/40)

- Naga Maid (Dominique/Heroine) 1/10

- Naga Warrior (Level 2) 2/6

- Naga Soldier (Level 1) 2/2

- Naga Worker (Level 1) 4/1

A new column appeared, as expected.

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