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Kim Jin-Woo felt as if he were floating in the air. His cells seemed to disperse and rearrange themselves on their own. He found it hard to adjust, and had to check his body several times to see whether his limbs were still intact.

“Ah…” Only when Kim Jin-Woo finally regained his cool did he notice he was in the stone chamber from before. Initially, he failed to realize that it was the same one he had seen back then, since it looked somewhat different. The patterns on the chamber’s walls were gone. The previously hard and lumpy floor was now covered with neat tiles.

But the central altar and the stone table had changed the most. The upper portion of the altar seemed to have been split diagonally. In between was a medium-sized square chair with two mysterious marbles on its armrests.

“What is this?” he muttered to himself. The large door behind him was what truly caught his attention. Beyond this rimless, open space lay a familiar scene: A bed with neat sheets, and an empty table. It was undoubtedly his room.

Kim Jin-Woo stared blankly at the space beyond the portal and then the stone chamber, before walking toward the former. He could feel himself floating again. It was his second time around, but he couldn’t get used to the horrible sensation. He held his breath and his room appeared in front of him once again.

[The Naga’s Labyrinth]

Level 1 Labyrinth (Synchronization Rate 16.1%)Durability 41/1050FacilitiesMaster Room (Level 1)Portal (On Cooldown 23:49:43 0/1)Undisclosed* The Master of the Labyrinth has insufficient ability.

* The Labyrinth’s facilities cannot be activated.

Kim Jin-Woo put up the status window just in case. The words after ‘portal’ had changed. The window showed ‘on cooldown’ instead of ‘ready for use’. The button next to it had also disappeared.

Kim Jin-Woo stood flabbergasted and pondered the series of events that had just happened. Once he regained his composure, he sat in front of the computer, which turned on with a jarring noise.

The text in the status window was almost identical to that of a game he had played a few times before.

He typed the words ‘portal definition’ in the search bar.

Portal (noun)

a ‘doorway’,‘gate’, or ‘entrance’.(fictional) a door linking two different locations, made using magic or technology.A few definitions of the word appeared in front of him. Kim Jin-Woo paid particular attention to the second definition. It perfectly explained his situation earlier.

Afterward, he proceeded to type all sorts of words into the search bar as if he were possessed.


The word 'portal' had seemed so familiar to Kim Jin-Woo because it was a gaming term. Hoping to find some clues, he began to play a game he wasn’t cut out for.

He kept playing without any tangible benefit, and all he got was embarrassment when his mother visited him in his room. His mother was delighted to see her son finally acting his age, but Kim Jin-Woo felt his face heat up an

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