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Chapter 1755: This Is the Only Thing She Has to Care About

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“Their future career… You’re treating your sons like enemies. You think you’re doing this for their own good, but they’re not children anymore.

“Do you think they’ll be grateful?”

“So what?” Madam Mo insisted righteously. “I don’t need their gratitude. It’s fine if they resent me now, they’ll understand my painstaking efforts in the future.”

“Y-You’re really stubborn!”

Mo Yunchen was angered by her and said angrily, “I’m telling you not to interfere in this matter.”

Madam Mo saw that he was angry and didn’t agree with him, but she didn’t dare to say anything else.

But she didn’t take Mo Yunchen’s words seriously.

She couldn’t stay out of it.

She had to get to the bottom of this!

Two hours later, Old Madam finally woke up.

Qiao Mianmian was the first to notice it. She saw Old Madam’s eyelids twitch for a while before she slowly opened her eyes.

“Grandma, you’re awake.” Qiao Mianmian called out happily.

Old Madam had just woken up and looked at her blankly. After a while, she said hoarsely, “Is it… Mianmian?”

“Mm, Grandma, it’s Mianmian.” Qiao Mianmian nodded. “Grandma, do you feel unwell anywhere? Wait for me, I’ll get the doctor to take a look at you.”

Mo Yesi and Mo Shixiu immediately surrounded Old Madam.

“Ah Si, Shixiu, you’re both here.” Old Madam smiled at her grandsons. “Don’t worry, Grandma is fine.”

Although she said so, who could be at ease?

Qiao Mianmian pressed the service button and called the doctor over.

Old Madam was a very important patient. In less than two minutes, the doctor and nurse arrived.

Wearing a white coat, Lu Rao led a few doctors and nurses in. Seeing that Old Madam was awake, he smiled and quickly walked to the bed.

“Old Madam, you’re finally awake.” Lu Rao’s eyes were filled with concern as he asked gently, “How are you feeling now? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? In order to ensure that your body is fine, we need to do another checkup.”

Old Madam liked young and promising juniors like Lu Rao.

She looked at him fondly and nodded with a smile. “You’re a doctor, you have the final say. I just feel a little pain in my leg, but nothing else.”

When Old Madam was sent to the hospital, they had already done a thorough checkup on her.

But her body was precious, and he had to do another check-up just in case.

Lu Rao took out a stethoscope and did some basic checks on Old Madam.

After a while, he removed the stethoscope and smiled. “Old Madam, you’re blessed. Your body is fine. You can be discharged after recuperating for a while.”

No one was worried about Lu Rao’s checkup.

The older a person was, the more timid they were.

Old Madam was no exception.

She wanted to live happily now. She wanted to live for another 20 to 30 years. She was still waiting to carry her great-grandchildren.

If yo

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